OJC 1 Newsletter – July 2021

Mental Health Action Plans – HR confirmed communications had been issued to Managers to ensure staff were supported. TU’s confirmed that they hadn’t seen any work in this area however would monitor this over the summer.

Professional Fees – some progress had been made on this piece of work however the Authority were still not in a position to provide a paper for discussion. UNISON advised that members were unhappy about the length of time this was taking to resolve which was again noted by HR.

Hope not Hate: Difficult conversations workshop for UNISON members

Difficult Conversations Workshop:

People are becoming increasingly intolerant of inappropriate comments being made in the workplace.  However, is there a way we can call people out on these comments without creating arguments?

This session offers effective methods for allowing people to reflect on the problems of their comments without relying on passive-aggressive or “myth-busting” techniques

OJC 1 Newsletter – June 2021

Professional Fees – HR confirmed that resources had been allocated to review professional fees. Despite many of these payments being removed in previous years as part of budget reduction proposals some staff have continued to receive these.

Appreciation paper – not very much of an update other than the outstanding issue of vouchers is still to be completed. Work is being undertaken on identifying staff who worked throughout the pandemic. UNISON registered again our disappointment in how this had been managed.

Young members

UNISON Young Members

UNISON is looking for people under the age of 27 and looking to be more active within their workplace.

Joint trade union meeting to discuss pay – 17 June 2021

Following the email to all users last week regarding the pay award we are inviting members to attend a zoom meeting with Regional Officers to discuss any questions/concerns they have.

UNISON training courses for members 2021

FREE MEMBER LEARNING ONLINE TRAINING COURSES   Experience Matters (ages 45+):  10th June at 1.00pm – 2.00pm Delivered Via MS Teams (National Careers) Explore mid-life career review, for those 45 years and over – it’s not too late to make a change and take up new opportunities. Contact Rose Bent on r.bent@unison.co.uk to book your place Autism Understood: […]

Menopause and other related health and well-being issues for women

Following the International Women’s Day events we’ve set up two issue specific groups for women and the main group that will look at wider issues facing women at work and how we can address these for the benefit of all women. CMT have agreed that council colleagues can use two hours of working time per […]

UNISON network meetings for LGBT members

Two UNISON network meetings for Trans members and bi+ members in July 2021

Climate emergency: Green events for members

UNISON is hosting 3 Green webinars this spring to update members and green activists on our climate emergency work.

FREE UNISON courses for Members – from April 2021

Please find below details of forthcoming courses. These are free to UNISON members.  To book your place, contact the relevant person of the course you are interested in with your name, membership number (if you have it to hand) and your email address.  We look forward to hearing from you.